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Learning Resources



-Khan Academy;

-Doctor Genius;



- Multiplication


- Math games

Independent Reading:


-RAZ Kids:


-NewsELA: select "Sign in with Google

-Accelerated Reader (A.R.): (some free content) (free worksheets) (some free content)

Skill Practice:


Log in with QR code & select "Lexia Core 5"

Other Learning:

-IXL Science (learn & practice Science knowledge and skills!): - select "Science" and then select "Topics" (or go to Then choose something that interests you!

-IXL Social Studies (learn & practice Social Studies knowledge & skills): - select "Social Studies" and then select "Topics" (or go to Then choose something that interests you!


-Duolingo (learn a new language! Connect and compete with friends for XP and Lingots!): and/or download the free app from your app store!

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